Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Five Part 4

Panthera Leo - Lion

While the other animal models are employed primarily for reconnaisance and defensive roles in the field, the Lion serves a purely offensive role. Employed in packs, 1 ranger usually operates with 3 – 4 units. Rangers often combine their teams together to form prides. Like their real life counterparts the units hunt in large groups and communicate with each other through a closed wireless network giving each other real time data on positions, terrain, and proximity to their target. The operator can connect at will to each individual unit. Lioness units can be equipped with back mounted cameras to allow manual control. Typically the Lion will serves as the main hub with the Lioness's routing through.

To better serve their role as the offense Lion models are lightly armored with few solid pieces of armor. Most of the body is exposed artificial muscle covered in ballistic fabrics. As such replacement of parts is much easier to complete in the field. Teeth and claws are made of tungsten carbide which keeps an incredibly sharp edge. The teeh and claws are retractable allowing for non lethal take downs when required. Another feature are the sliding eye covers located above the ears. They provide extra eye protection as well as multi spectral views for different situations and wide angle input.

Male models are bulkier around the head with more armor and much stronger jaw muscles for a more powerful bite. They also have a large gorget type armor piece around their neck which protects the Lion during charges. Transmitters and other communication equipment are stored in the back of the head along the upper neck.

Lioness models are lighter and stealthier than the male models. With less bulk and weight they are able move quickly and quietly. Some come equipped with camera units located on the top of their back.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Big Five Part 3: African Elephant

Part 3 of the Big Five
African Elephant

With heavy armor, incredible strength, and great size the Elephant is employed in the field as a walking fortress for the patrols. Each unit is accompanied by 3 - 4 rangers. Depending on the situation the unit can be deployed as a solitary Bull Elephant or a Matriach which accompanies the herds. Matriachs are unmanned and lack the features to support human companions due to the close proximity to the herds.

Typical roles of a Bull model featured here include supply/troop transport, mobile communications, heavy recon, night patrol platform, heavy lifting/obstacle clearing, and heavy support roles in combat.


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