Friday, October 29, 2010

Advanced Perspective Week 8

Subject is Ancient Greek mythology

Thanks for viewing.


  1. I sense some stylistic changes going on here. more graphic looking, which is pretty cool. the last piece has really nice lighting. cool shot, and the third one too. my only crit would be careful with the cerberus, too many similiar sized shapes going on and the paw almost reads as a 4th head. but overall cool.

  2. Last one is the best for sure. It has that great warm/cool shift and everything compositionally hinges on that. It just feels really strong and moody. There's no doubt that the two most important people are the woman and the man on the throne.

    In the first one the sharp strokes on the cliff side really draw my attention but I'm not sure what it's being drawn there for. It kind of competes with the warm colors of the temple.

    With poseidon The composition is weird to me. He feels like he's being forced out of the frame and his trident is right in the middle, commanding the most attention. It's like his trident is the main character and poseiden is just the guy holding it.

    These seem a lot more out there to me than your previous ones, more experimental. Really, really cool dude.

    I'm loving that you're throwing all these up!

  3. you already know how i feel about these, so i wont say much.. but there is soo much more to say lol. well, they're all incredible, but i really love the first two.

    dood, keep up the great work, you're gonna do big things my friend

  4. Twas Nice meeting you Robert. You're work is great! I like the composition and overall mood of the third one with the vanishing point directly on the floor. So coolllll