Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Transmission from Kauai

Hey everyone! Here's some watercolors i did during my trip the island of Kauai, Hawaii. It was good to see the family again.

Quick painting of the front yard:

The porch of my grandma's house:

Some Eucalyptus near Gaylords, Kilohana:

Some Ironwoods on the Kukuiolono golf course. They kicked me off the course right after i finished painting:

The old Camp House Grill:

The view towards the ocean from the golf course:

Some trees at the entrance of the golf course:

Most of these were done from photos. It rained a lot so there wasnt much opportunity to get out.
Thanks for viewing!



  1. Beautiful....
    The porch is my favorite!

  2. These are soo damn sexy, love the last 3. it seems like you had a great vacation. hope all is well and tell everyone i said hi when you return, miss ya budd!

  3. omg theses are too damn awesome......
    u gotta teach me sometime!

  4. Robert - damn fine work man! Really kick ass.

    Crap - I got to get back to Kauai sometime again. Gotta get to King Kong Valley just to paint it!

  5. Robert, they are so beautiful! you are amazing!

  6. Awesome Robert! Love it

    Lol my aunt lives in Kauai....you might know her or have seen her before since the island is so tiny